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Bathroom trends for 2022 – 15 inspiring styles for fresh new look


The bathroom trends for 2022 are about new shapes, new materials, and new ideas. Design experts discuss what the best mean for your décor

Bathroom trends for 2022 are just what you need if your home is in ready for an update. Whether that's a total overhaul or a quick refresh, perusing bathroom trends is a good place to start. Trends may sound quite temporary like they will come and go, but while some of the bolder more quirky trends might not have longevity, you'll often find trends quickly turn to classic, timeless looks.

The interior design trends for 2022 are a varied bunch, with a focus on serenity and uplifitng joy, on luxe texture and rough, handworn edges. Colors are rich or calm, and light is comfortingly traditional or architecturally modern. The unifying theme, though, is one of excitement to create a space you love to be in.

Whatever your style – whether you’re after modern bathroom ideas for a totally new on-trend design or just want advice on what tiles are on trend for a quick update – we’ve got it covered.

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'Homeowners have become increasingly brave in their bathroom choices,' reports Hayley Robson of Day True Architectural Interiors. 'Tiles in interesting tessellating shapes or with pattern and color such as fish scale, diamond or Popham tiles, continue to be popular, especially when paired with special finishes of brassware such as PVD coatings and matt bathroom color ideas to ensure maximum impact. People want to be different and bespoke touches like reclaimed pieces, statement mirrors and coloured ceramics help them do that.'


Louise Ashdown, head of design at West One Bathrooms agrees, 'We have spent years eradicating colour from our bathrooms but now people are embracing it. Colored ceramics are making a big comeback, for statement basins, shower trays that can seamlessly match floor tiles and even glossy black pans for the ever-popular black tap bathrooms.'

Although color is key to creating a personal space, fans of natural and monochrome interiors need not fear thanks to an emerging trend coined Japandi, defined by a combination of minimal Japanese style and simple Scandinavian accents. Think clean lines, a calming colour palette and cool matt surfaces for a softer vibe. 'Minimal natural styles are perfect for the Japandi look, particularly wood, pebbles, stone and lots of texture,' says Helen Jones, designer at Ripples Bathrooms.



While the best bathroom taps have been becoming progressively more elegant, beautiful and exciting over recent years – think elongated spouts, surprising material choices and experimentation with bold finishes – 2022 is the time that tap design really steps into the spotlight. The hottest (and coolest) tap shapes of the moment are turning classic design on its head, challenging and reimagining its most basic features. The revolution, it seems, has started at the handle, with two design superstars introducing a revamped, sculptural version fresh for the new year.

‘I see taps as the jewelry of the bathroom,’ says Erdem Akan Design Director of VitrA. ‘Just like watches, necklaces and bracelets are a finishing touch to our personal style, taps complete the bathroom atmosphere. Rather than being discreet, their new visual volume is becoming more dominant.’


The quest to turn the home bathroom into a spa isn't particularly new in itself, but after the turmoil of recent years homeowners are doubling down on their desire to do so, making it a big bathroom trend for 2022. Expect to see a rise in grey bathroom ideas to go alongside this.

‘The bathroom is a place for retreat and self-care, now more than ever,' says the designer Patricia Urquiola. 'Over the past year, we spent so much time at home and realized that our bathrooms have become almost like a personal spa, a space in which we can really enjoy moments of privacy and wellbeing in. The design of objects for the bathroom are beginning to follow the re-discovery of this pleasant domestic moment.’


The way people choose to decorate - and personalize - the bathroom is evolving for 2022. Expect to see gallery wall ideas translate into this space, or large, overscale prints hung if there is enough space.

‘The bathroom is becoming more and more like any other living space and turning into a domestic landscape rather than cold white laboratory-style environment,’ says VitrA’s Erdem Akan. ‘Bringing art and/or sculptural designs into these spaces will become more commonplace in the next few years, and taps such as Tom Dixon’s cone-shaped, timeless design will become decorative objects of desire.’


We've seen arched doors appear as an extension trend, and they're now making their way into the bathroom, too.

‘The pandemic made us carefully examine things that make us feel good in the home – such as a relaxing bathroom where we can take care of ourselves, mentally and physically,’ says Monica Born, CEO and Co-Founder of Superfront. ‘What could create a soothing atmosphere better than the classic arch shape used in ancient roman baths? These three-dimensional arches were used to create the large airy rooms needed in the popular roman imperial baths.’


And, arches aren't just about openings, but their soft cocooning curves are carrying through into shower room ideas too.

‘I’ve seen showers built into archway-shaped recesses which look really great – it’s a clever way to bring some design clout to even a really small space. I love curved entrances to walk-in showers too, giving you a sense that you are walking into a cocooning space and bringing some visual interest to the bathroom,’ advises Lee Thornley of Bert & May.


Say ‘decorative stone in the bathroom’ and marble will be the immediate reply. For 2022 our minds will be opened and our horizons broadened as we enter an age beyond Carrara. That classic monochrome marble veining will step aside to reveal a whole host of other glorious rock patterns just waiting to adorn our floors, showers, splash basks and walls. These stones are just as beautiful as their predecessors and just as personality filled, with semi-precious patterns that channel the organic movements found in onyx and jade starting out, just as marble did, as hyper realistic, stone-style tiles.

‘There is a demand for color this season as well as customers wanting something a bit different which is where onyx effect tiles come in,’ says Jo Oliver, Director, The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse. ‘They offer beautiful detailing and are available in a wide choice of colors ranging from subtle pale tones to dramatic blue and greens. More unusual marbles, such as our new Coliseum Amazon slab-tiles, are also proving popular with their deep coloring and striking detailed appearance.’

‘For most of us, the bathroom is a space we use to unwind in, or it’s often the first room we see for a prolonged period in the morning as we shower,’ highlights Ca’ Pietra’s Grazzie Wilson. ‘The natural colors and materials found in stone works so well in the bathroom because they’re innately calming. With natural colors and materials everything is in harmony and nothing is competing, so they are the perfect backdrop for relaxation’.


A classic color combo in the home for years, green and pink is moving over the bathroom, specfically when it comes to bathroom tile ideas. Both shades are soothing in their own way, and combined they have the dreamy effect of cool ice cream on a warm day. It makes sense that that mood of light, joyful relaxation is one that is being carried over to the bathroom.

"I can't think of anything more serene to look at from the bathtub than pink and green,' says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. 'It just needs to the right shade of each color. Think the tranquil tones of pistachio and coral.'


Slim profiles which are neatly laid next to each other, finger tiles – also known as Kitkat tiles – are the 2022 update on mosaic and penny tiling. A seemingly minimal take on bathroom tile ideas, once repeatedly put on a surface alongside each other, they suddenly become more than an extremely thin slice of tile, forming a perfectly imperfect pattern which merges into itself the further away you stand. Grout plays a key role here, with nuances in its thickness around the tiles creating an organic-feeling pattern which highlights the hand of the tile layer and makes each application unique.

‘Stick-like mosaic tiles, finger tiles or Kitkat tiles as many people refer to them as, have really boomed this year, and their popularity is set to continue well into 2022 and beyond,’ says Grazzie Wilson, Creative Lead at Ca’ Pietra. ‘While Kitkat tiles are striking, the subtle colorways that they are typically available in allows for them to become a feature without being overpowering. They add depth and texture to a bathroom and they don’t compete with other patterns or prints, so they’re at once a statement, and calming on the eye.’


Jungle motifs have flourished in the home of late, and we’re not quite ready to live without them. Over in wallpaper trends, we're seeing tigers, but for 2022, in bathrooms, it's jugle leaves specifically. If we’re unaccustomed and unable to travel the globe freely, we’ll turn our bathroom – the place where we have a few moments of peace and private time – into a leaf-filled habitat, a space that transports us into the rainforest with the simple swish and flick of wallpaper paste and a little imagination. Bathroom wallpaper has been coming into its own over the last few years, and is now showing off its water repelling credentials in all encompassing, wall murals offering us wild, panoramic views as we take a long soak in the bath and turning our shower into a tropical rainstorm.

‘Patterns from nature bring evoke memories and feelings, and drawing on thoughts of distant atmospheres different from our own habitat adds excitement and wonder to the day,’ says Christian Benini of Wall&Deco. ‘Also these plants have a strong connection with water, which makes the bathroom their natural environment.’


Natural, unrefined finishes offer respite from the hard, cold surfaces commonly found in the bathroom – not to mention the hard, cold reality of life beyond the bathroom door.

Wood is an obvious go-to. Select darker timbers with an element of history evidenced in a vintage stain or rough-sawn surface. Faking it with wood-look porcelain tiles can be equally as effective, provided there’s a textural finish to recreate the tactility factor.

Marble has long reigned as the most luxurious material to use in a bathroom, and of course it's always going to be on-trend. However, as we all become bolder in every room of our homes, marble has moved from its common grey and white scheme to a plethora of more usual shades. Pink, blue and brown are all available hues but it's green marble that seems to be getting the most attention.

Pair this cool tone with brass fittings to add warmth (or opt for black for a more striking look) and other bring-in stones to layer up those natural patterns and textures.


Texture always comes into the trends of living rooms and bedrooms, but this want for unusual 3D finishes and tactile materials is coming into bathrooms too. And the bathroom trend for fluted surfaces is a lovely subtle way to bring in those unexpected textures. Opt for a fluted vanity cabinet, fluted glass shower panels, or, as can be seen in this grey bathroom idea, go for a fluted marble splashback or create a similar look with fluted tiles.


Terracotta is a color we're seeing in kitchen trends, too. For years there's been a slow but steady shift away from the sleek, clean, verging on clinical approach that was used in so much of bathroom design and towards choosing a warmer, cozier, more cocooning scheme. It's no surprise then that terracotta tiles in rusty orange hues are on-trend for 2022, switching classic white for something toastier and traditionally reserved for living rooms or bedrooms.

Give these firery shades a contemporary feel by pairing them with minimalist hardware or up the rustic farmhouse feel with wooden accents and traditional fixtures.


Textiles often aren't a focus in bathrooms, when it comes to window treatments, simple roller blinds or shutters are usually the go-to. However, bathroom curtains and blousy fabric blinds and a big trend this year as again there's that shift to make bathrooms, softer more living room-like spaces.

Of course, practicalities still have to come first in bathrooms so rather than long heavy curtains that pool around the floor, opt for something soft, floaty, and sheer that still adds texture but doesn't feel too heavy or dramatic for a bathroom.


And again, usually, bathroom lighting ideas are a mostly practical part of bathroom design which spotlights being the most popular choice. But for 2022 it's all about making more of a focal point of lighting. Why shouldn't a chandelier hang in a bathroom? Just be sure to think safety first, a pendant light should hang around 6 feet above the floor, and don't position a low hanging light close to a water source unless it has ingress protection or IP-rated fittings that are sufficient.


Terrazzo flooring has been back for a while, and for bathrooms it's now going bigger than ever. Quite literally. While in the past for years, subtle designs with smaller chips of stone have been popular, we are seeing a rise in bolder patterns with bigger chips and brighter colors.

Dzek's trailblazing terrazzo arguably led the way in the material's current revival. While others may opt for smaller chips of stone, Dzek didn't hold back and the bold pattern of of its Marmoreal tiles packs a punch in this L.A. bathroom. Terrazzo tiles are an easy way to get this distinctive look without the hassle of the original application (a cement-type material poured on-site with chips mixed in).


Serene yet sexy, dusky pinks and 3D monochrome features transform this chic Parisian bathroom into a sanctuary. Designed by New York-based Crosby Studios, it has strong geometric shapes that ooze a post-modern vibe. Versatile black-and-white bathroom products can be mixed with almost any other colours, while painting the back wall a lighter shade creates a sense of depth and perspective.


An amalgamation of Japanese minimalism and Scandi cool, Japandi has been around for a while but has soared in popularity this year, likely due to its calming zen vibes.

‘If you are seeking a serene space, then Japanese-inspired materials are perfect,' says Ca’ Pietra’s Grazzie Wilson. ‘Keep the bathroom tonal by opting for a lighter, warmer and neutral color palette to create an effortlessly chic and sophisticated space.’


This past year has seen a surge in pink bathroom ideas. Sherbet hues – think pastels with a zingy twist – evoke an era of glitz and hedonism.

‘Dial back to Miami in the Thirties and Palm Springs in the Fifties – big ice cream-coloured convertibles, glamorous abodes and pool parties,’ says Louise Ashdown, head of design at West One Bathrooms. 'The true beauty of sherbet shades is that they work exceptionally well with the still- trending metallic brassware we’ve all fallen hard for – try mixing strawberry pink with matt gold taps. The effect is stunning and will lift your bathroom to new heights.'


Terracotta and peach-tinged white are the biggest colors in bathrooms for 2022. Both having warming qualities to them, the terracotta being quite powerfully so, and the peachy white becoming a more subtle version. As far as color pairings go, green and pink together are the key palette for 2022, creating a dreamy, tranquil backdrop to relax in.

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