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What to Look for in a Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling Contractors in St Charles County, MO

Embarking on a major remodeling project requires the right contractor to meet your needs. You need to trust your contractors because remodeling projects are demanding, costly, and time-consuming. How do you choose the right contractor among the countless self-proclaimed remodelers in the market? Always get references from recent clients. When you choose reputable contractors, you are sure to be satisfied with the results. The following pointers may help to ensure you work with someone reputable.

Find out whether the contractor is qualified to handle your project. Work with someone who understands the details of the task. Are they insured? Do they have the permits needed to carry out the work? Be sure they have the appropriate training for handling the scope of your project.

Good remodeling contractors in St. Charles County, MO, like those at Comfort Plus Baths, know that a client needs some level of accountability. You need to have an idea of whom to address when you have questions. The project’s timeline should also match your expectations. Your contractor should be able to give you an outline of how the money is used and show you a payment schedule plan.

Past ProjectsAsk the contractor about past projects. If possible, look at these and assess the workmanship. You can also ask about the contractor’s management style, and how they dealt with the difficulties that arose.


Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Color

Bathroom Vanities in St Charles County, MO

You’ve chosen the size and the style for your new bathroom vanity and decided on the shape of your new sinks. Your last major decision is choosing a color. Deciding on a traditional or contemporary color scheme can be a challenge, especially if you want to retain a particular style or move forward with a new look. Some of the most basic ideas around colors for your vanity include the following:

Neutral color can be cool or warm, modern or classic. It doesn’t ever go out of style. Neutrals enable you to explore subtle textures and tones of beige, ivory, taupe, black, or shades of gray or white. These popular tones work well in all shapes and sizes.

A black vanity lets you showcase a tub, window, or light fixture. It can also draw attention if it’s an interesting oval or oblong shape. The dark vanity is a great way to show the contrast between metallic wallpaper, a floral rug, or a colorful shower curtain.

Analogous Colors
An analogous color scheme is most often a group of three colors that are next to each other on a color wheel. For example, if you’ve chosen a black, bring in grays and light blues to make the room more exciting.

 Complementary Colors

Complementary colors illustrate that opposites can also attract. Check out a color wheel and note which colors are across from each other. Those are the colors that are considered the most complementary combinations.


There are many colors and shades available in the bathroom vanities in St. Charles County, MO, from Comfort Plus Baths. Call (636) 928-4300 today for more information. We are ready to help you update your bathroom with beauty, style, and functionality.