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Cherry Tower
 July 24, 2014
Бизнес-центр Cherry Tower - это девятнадцати этажный торгово-офисный комплекс на юго-западе Москвы рядом с головным офисом ОАО «Газпром». Комплекс имеет большую торговую часть с первого по четвертый этажи, остальное – офисные помещения. Cherry Tower присвоен класс B+, т.к. это современное здание, фасад которого выполнен в сочетании теплых и холодных оттенков с панорамным остеклением ленточного типа. Входная группа облицована мрамором коричневого цвета.
Low Entry Showers

Standard Low Profile / Level Access

Shower Bases (Shower Pans)

Click sizes below for actual base measurements

36" X 36"   60" X 30" right drain
    60" X 30" left drain
42" X 36"   60" X 32" right drain
    60" X 32" left drain
48" X 32"   60" X 34"
48" X 32" right drain   60" X 34" right drain
48" X 32" left drain   60" X 34" left drain
48" X 34"   60" X 36"
48" X 36"   60" X 36" right drain
48" X 48"   60" X 36" left drain
    60" X 42"
54" X 36"   60" X 48"
  • More sizes are coming
  • Low profile is also available in any custom size

The curb height ranges from 1 1/4" tall to 2 1/8" tall depending on base size. The slope of base is 1/4" per foot and can be made in any custom size.

This style is often used when either: 1.) stepping into a high tub or over a tall shower curb is getting too difficult, or 2.) a more contemporary look is needed. Below are sketches of different methods of installation in order to get a low profile curb or a level access shower.

Standard Low Profile 60 x 32 Shower Base with a Left Drain and Tile Wall Panels

Standard Low Profile Shower Base
48" x 36" Standard

Add-On Ramp for Low Profile Shower Base

  • Turns any Low Profile Base into a Ramped Base
  • Can be attached permanently, temporarily, or left unattached or removable
  • Finished on left and right ends, top and front edge
  • Can be ordered any length

    The Onyx Collection Low Profile Shower Add-on Ramp Diagram
12x12 Low Profile Corner Shower with Ramp Extension Add-on

Low Profile Shower Installation

Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed on Top of Floor
  • Shower base installed directly on top of the flooring
Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed on Top of Subfloor
  • Shower base installed on the subfloor
  • Flooring and underlayment can be run up to the curb
  • This will make the curb height "lower"

Level Access Shower Installation

Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed Level with the Floor
  • Subfloor is taken out
  • 2x4s are scabbed onto the side of the floor joists, 3/4" down
  • Subfloor is placed on the 2x4s, flush with the top of the floor joists
Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed Level with the Floor Notched in Floor Joists
  • Subfloor is taken out
  • Floor joists are notched
  • Subfloor is replaced
Product Certification: ANSI standard, Slip Coefficient, and ASTM E-84 Flame test results